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Had a phone interview with Arcelor East Chicago. They're the only ones to have gotten back to me so far, out of 6 specific intern positions applied for at 5 companies plus 2 general interest résumé dumps at 2 other companies. I would prefer to work for either them or Areva, but we'll see.
I feel like I have to take what I can get, since apparently having a 3.0 is a baseline for competence.

One of the Arcelor guys did his Ph.D. in the same group I worked with at CMU, I found out they're on a team with my boss from last summer's best friend (an Arcelor guy in Metz), and they said "good answer" after I described my internship from last summer (even though I forgot to mention MnS precipitation), so I am really crossing my fingers that it will work out.

Alternatively, I keep checking the Areva site a few times a week and have so far applied for two internships, one of which appeared today, the other of which disappeared last Friday. A guy who works for them is the president of Pittsburgh's ASM and is giving his second guest lecture in my Materials for Nuclear Energy Systems class today. I'm going to ask today about a general-interest résumé dump through him, since that's what got me the response from Arcelor.

Then I just have to figure out where I'm going next year. I have five good French schools to apply to, and actually a couple months to do it.
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