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My Eeepc 901 died today; I guess. I bought it September 29, 2008 and already had to send it in for repairs once, within the first 5 months of purchase. Defective keyboard.

I can still get an image on an external monitor, but otherwise the screen is white. I have to plug it in to get it to boot properly, and it smells like burning. Possibly like solder, according to Rigel.

I JUST updated to a newer version of Ubuntu on Monday morning to try to fix a few minor problems. The hinges have been iffy for a while (one might argue they were always a little defective), and I think they finally snapped on the inside.

The 901 is no longer sold where I bought it (Newegg), my warranty has expired, and because of the burning smell I don't think just replacing the screen would suffice. I have no idea how much Asus would charge to repair it. I called them and got an RMA number... we will see how much they want to charge.

This upsets me because it was a convenient little computer to bring to class with me. My big laptop has a pathetic battery life and is heavy, and I only very recently saved it from several months of failure. I am hesitant to buy a replacement netbook because I may get a new computer next year if I get into a Ph.D. program and only just found a research job to bring in a little income this semester.

BAWW. Any thoughts on netbooks?
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