Oct. 22nd, 2012

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I am idle and waiting and starting to despair. I am living basically as a housewife at my boyfriend's place in Avignon. I no longer have income (since mid-September) or health insurance (since October 1).

I've been promised both since May in the form of a Ph.D., and I'm afraid it will somehow fall through. It's certainly been dragged out long enough. I feel like I'm being strung along. 8 months since my application, 6 months since my interview, 5 since I accepted, 3 since I learned there were issues with the corporate sponsor, and 1 since the corporate sponsor actually started the process of trying to hire me. Meanwhile my master had its own screwy timeline, wherein classes ended 7 months ago, those grades were released 4 months ago, and the final results for everything only came on October 2, the day after Ph.D.'s usually start!

I'll be fine, but it's ironic that these people got me to pick them over other topics because they claimed the funding was "certain". Meanwhile I still have very little information about the administrative details of the project...

I don't know if I should start looking for a backup plan. I hate mooching off of my boyfriend (it's illegal if I pay part of his rent, though I do perform housewife duties and buy part of the food) and not working (it's illegal for me here as a tourist), and I'll be even more unhappy if I have to stay at my parents' house for longer than a month. I guess that would mean I could take a temporary job in foodservice or holiday retail or something, but I haven't ever NEEDED to stay with my parents since high school. I can keep myself busy while I reapply for Ph.D. topics in France. It's just kind of shitty that I'd have to after rejecting five other topics in favor of this one.

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